Diamond Recovery Rehabilitation Centres primary objective is to aid individuals through a process of rehabilitation from alcohol and drug abuse.

Equipping individuals with the fundamental tools and skills to empower themselves and others, through a variety of channels consisting of, yet not limited to, subsidized and structured housing environments with skills transfer modules including previously disadvantaged and underprivileged persons.

Understanding that there is a plan, purpose and destiny for every human being, this organization will aim to assist in bridging the gap between a once lived life of loss, hurt, pain, abuse, suffering, helplessness and despair to a life realizing ones dreams with a commitment to excellence in being a valuable, useful and contributing member of society, as well as a happy and fulfilled human being. This organization will also aim to allow and aid individuals to fully develop their character or abilities through necessary support, structure and education.

Diamond Recovery Centres accomplishes the above mentioned through various levels of care processes. The initial process being primary care for a period of 3 to 6 months; thereafter, secondary care for a period of 3 months and thus leading to the option of the aftercare process by means of a clean and sober living environment for up to 6 months.

Our organizations secondary objective is to accomplish, through a variety of channels and catering for every individual’s skills or profession by means of building strong relationships with a number of organizations in the social, charitable, communal and corporate environments thus creating opportunities for employment/careers. The end result for the individual is to become an independent, self-supporting and contributing member of society.